A showcase of my artwork and Daz Studio content


A look at some of my creations

Old Football Stadium

An old, abandoned football stadium that I am currently working on

Apocalypse Service Station

An abandoned service station following a zombie apocalypse – See the Apocalypse Service Station store page here

Neglected Gas Pump

A rusted and dirty pump used in the Apocalypse Service Station Theme.

Rusty Waste Bin

Another model used in the Apocalypse Service Station scene.

Old Dirty Stairs

Some old, disused stairs that didn’t make it into the final Apocalypse scene.

Worn Metal Fence

An old, worn fence used in the Apocalypse Service Station.

Casual Jacket for Genesis 2 Male

A casual jacket for use with Daz Studio Genesis 2 Male – See the Casual Jacket for Genesis 2 Male store page here

Cowl Neck Mini Dress

A dress for use with Daz Studio Genesis 3 Female – See the Cowl Neck Mini Dress store page here

High Class

An outfit for use with Daz Studio Genesis 2 Female – See the High Class store page here

About Me

A little about me and what I hope to achieve with this site
"Get busy living, or get busy dying"

It started for me as it does for many, a love of everything 3d, whether its computer games, 3d art, or just model making. I knew I had an interest from an early age, but was never able to achieve this dream academically.

My interest has always been game design, but I started out just making simple models in 3d, for use in any application. I found a company called Daz 3d some time ago in my early days, and never really took the time to understand the company at the time. It was only in later years when my skills as a 3d artist were much improved did I seek out the company again. When I did, I realized the company was a lot bigger than it was, and looked to be a real market leader in their particular field.

I was able to jump on board with Daz 3d where I have become a published artist, learning a lot from Daz, and other artists, to improve my own skill set. Having started as a clothing and asset designer for Daz's Genesis figures, I am now working as a set designer, more in line with my actual goals, where hopefully I can become a computer game designer, utilizing all the skills I have learned to date. With this site I aim to showcase my work, past and present, and hope people will engage, and offer their advice.

I will produce a series of tutorial videos in the future, covering all the areas that offered greatest challenge to me in terms of learning software etc. Hopefully these can be of use to somebody following the same pathway.

  • My main tool for 3d creation

  • Substance Designer and Substance Painter - Essential tools for all recent creations

  • The final goal for most of my content

  • An extensive learning process is already underway as I aim to create my very own computer game sometime in the future

A full list of each published model to date:

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